Our Special Page of THANKS!!!

     This page is dedicated to those people that have given of themselves to help with planning, organizing, and building Raise Them High, inc.  

 They were there from the very beginning to this moment with their wonderful ideas, unlimited time, unending devotion, and unyielding love.  It is only fitting that they have their own page to honor them. 

Raise Them High, inc. has been in business for several years now and the list of  wonderful people continues to grow every day, making it impossible to name them all for fear of leaving even one of you out.

However, you know who you are!

    You are all incredible and without you, we would never be.


A special thanks to my children, Becky, Michael, and Jonathan, who have not only been supportive but have worked endless hours doing anything and everything that needed to be done to keep us on track and help Raise Them High, inc. get going full speed ahead!   

              A mother could never wish for better children! 

You make a Mama proud.